Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Happening Now

Fentress County Continuing Pre-65 Retiree Health Insurance Plan

Fentress County Commissioners have voted to keep its current pre-65 retiree health insurance plan.

County Executive Jimmy Johnson said opting out of the plan would’ve caused several complications.

“Anyone that retires at an early age before Medicare benefits take effect will still be able to have their insurance, which we’ll pay the full premium for it,” Johnson said. “We could’ve either opt in or opt out of it, so the commission voted to stay in it to help the people that have insurance at this time. Because, if someone had a preexisting case and we opted out of it, when they retire, they may not be able to hook up on another insurance.”

The insurance plan applies specifically to current employees and early retirees under the age of 65.

Johnson said the county would not have been able to re-implement the current plan had commissioners voted to opt out.