Thursday, May 28, 2020
Happening Now

Fentress County Considering New Options For Healthcare

Fentress County will explore the idea of opening an emergency or critical access healthcare facility.

County Executive Jimmy Johnson said the effort comes as Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC) remains closed.

“That’s our major goal right now. To do something with the health facility in the county because it’s a private entity, so we can’t do anything with it,” Johnson said. “He doesn’t want to sell it, so we can’t force him to sell it. We’re going to take steps in the near future to go out and do something on our won. Hopefully we can get that accomplished and get started on it within the next few months.”

JRMC closed more than four months ago after Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) terminated programs at the hospital. Rennova Health Systems owns JRMC and has refused four different offers to sell the facility.

Johnson said the process of opening a facility won’t be easy and will take some time to complete.

“We’re talking with the commissioner of health and she’s given us a road map to take,” Johnson said. “We’ve got to get a lot of figures and facts to see what kind of facility we need here in the county. We’re going to take our time and be cautious about it.”

Depending on the location, residents have to travel to Cookeville Regional Medical Center, Livingston Regional Hospital, or Cumberland Medical Center in Crossville for an emergency room.