Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Happening Now

Fentress Begins Rebuilding Process for Recycling Center

Fentress County has begun the process of rebuilding the recycling center after a fire destroyed the building two months ago.

County Executive Jimmy Johnson said the construction relies on the stability of the foundation slab.

“But at this time, they are removing all the debris, all the burnt debris. Vehicles, all the equipment, all the metal framing and such from the slab where it was standing at,” Johnson said. “Also when we get all that removed, we will come back and check the slab to make sure it is equipped enough to hold up a new building.”

Johnson said the insurance should cover the majority of the cost.

“The insurance company is spearheading this, they also have a building ordered,” Johnson said. “But the new building will not be here probably until January or February since they have to order it and such.”

Johnson said employees are continuing to work despite not having the main recycling center.

‘We have not had to let any employees on leave or draw their unemployment at this time. We have kept all the employees working, so right there is a plus,” Johnson said. “Because there is always something to do in solid waste. You know, pick up litter on the roadways or the recycling still going on. We are still picking up recyclables every day.”

Johnson said he hopes to have the recycling center built by early spring.