Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Happening Now

Fentress Allocates TDEC Funds To Allardt, Jamestown, County Utility District

Fentress County has approved disbursements of TDEC funds to Allardt, Jamestown, and the Fentress County Utility District.

County Executive Jimmy Johnson said Fentress County received some $4.3 million. Among the allocated funds, the commission approved some $700,000 to Allardt and $1.83 million to Jamestown.

“I believe they’re going to do a lot of work on their plant down that and that will go along with the $887,000 that they got also so hopefully they’ll be able to do a lot good work down there,” Johnson said. “And to the Fentress County Utility District we’ve allocated $1,836,214.23 to help do the work that they want to do.”

Community Developer Amanda Mainord said the Utility District is planning to spend their funds on water quality treatment and purchasing more fire hydrants to go throughout the community.

This funding comes in addition to the individual entities’ funds, in which they gave $611,000 to Allardt. Johnson said Fentress Utility District did not receive funds from TDEC because they are water distributors.

Johnson said the Allardt will redo all three water tanks, helping 1,800 customers. He said the Jamestown’s improvements will help about 1,600 customers with water and 800 customers with wastewater. Fentress Utility District helps to get water to about 5,800 customers.

“We’re putting this application together, it’s due November 1st, so we appreciate you passing this tonight,” Mainord said. “Because that will now allow me to start that application process and get that finished by the deadline. Of course I will say that all this funding goes toward the critical needs of the water system that serves Fentress County. So we will put that money to good use.”