Friday, July 19, 2024
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Farmers Market Returns To Sparta Saturday

The White County Farmers Market returns to Sparta this Saturday, offering a fresher, healthier option.

Coordinator Glenice Richards said the market gives customers a chance to greet the men and women who grow their food. Richards said vendors offer produce, flowers, honey, crafts, and more.

“You will not get fresher produce anywhere than at your local farmers market,” Richards said, “These, our, our farmers grow right here in our county or surrounding area and bring, we usually pick the night before and bring it in fresh the morning of the market.”

The farmers market will kick off Saturday at 5 West Maple Street in Sparta from 6 am until noon. Richards said that buying from farmers markets comes with unique health and environmental benefits and can even save consumers money.

“The farmers market is always tax free,” Richards said, “That saves you a lot right there, but our prices are very competitive and a lot of time lower than the grocery stores. And again, when you get your food fresh, you’re getting more of the nutrients and vitamins and better produce than what you get when you go to the chain grocery stores.”

Richards said the farmers market has grown since she first joined. She said she took it upon herself to promote the event and grow it from two vendors to 14.

“I said ‘We can do better than this,'” Richards said, “And I bought some signs and I started posting on our Sparta Chit Chat Facebook page when pepole, what we would have. I’d take pictures and tell what all everybody’s got down there.”

The farmers market will be held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 6 am to noon. Richards said permits for vendors are still available.