Friday, December 6, 2019
Happening Now

Extension Granted For Livingston Property Maintenance Violations

Livingston officials have granted a resident more time to address property maintenance code violations at his home.

Mayor Curtis Hayes said on Monday that James Vasliff had made progress on addressing the issues at his home on Hi-Tech Drive.

“I think the board showed some compassion and the willingness to work with a resident if they are willing to improve their property,” Hayes said. “We’re not after fines or money. We simply want each neighborhood to be the best that it can be.”

Codes Inspector Christian Mansell said Vasliff had addressed more than 75-percent of the violations.

“He has cleaned his yard up and moved some steel beams. The grass was knee high before he started on this,” Mansell said. “I feel like he has made a lot of progress up to this date.”

Vasliff missed the July 5th deadline to have all the issues taken care of. The Livingston Board of Mayor and Aldermen granted a 60-day extension on Monday evening.

Vasliff has also violated the city’s abandoned vehicle code and has until Friday to become compliant. Hayes said he has an option to appeal that deadline.

“The appeal process for that does not come before the board of aldermen,” Hayes said. “It goes before an administrative hearing, which would be an administrative judge.”

Vasliff told the council he would be working to tag some of the vehicles on his property that can run.