Thursday, August 16, 2018
Happening Now

Dyer Sworn in As Algood Mayor

The City of Algood has a new Mayor.

Vice Mayor Kirk Dyer was sworn in as Algood’s newest Mayor during Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

Dyer replaces Scott Bilbrey, who resigned from the position of Mayor nearly two weeks ago amid a disagreement with the city council. Bilbrey’s resignation left the city with only two city council members, which is not a quorum under the rules of the city charter.

Chancery Court Judge Ron Thurman ruled in favor of Algood on Monday when he allowed Dyer and Norris to be considered a temporary quorum so they could conduct city business. Until Tuesday, the city had failed to conduct a city council meeting since August because of Bilbrey missing one meeting and evenutally resigning.

“We will continue to move forward in a professional and business-like manor, irregardless of what has happened over the past several weeks and months,” Bilbrey told the Algood citizens Tuesday. “This is your government and you have a say so in it.”

A Vice Mayor will be named once the city has a fully seated city council.