Monday, June 27, 2022
Happening Now

Design Phase Nearly Complete For Clay County Jail

Clay County continues to make progress with efforts to build a new jail.

County Mayor Dale Reagan said the design phase is nearly complete.

“We are still working with the architect and civil engineering group on the preliminary site for the new jail,” Regan said. “We’re still going through all the environmental studies on that.”

The proposed site for the new jail is along Highway 53 across from Buford Drive.

Regan said the county has applied for a low interest USDA loan for up to $7 million. He said the amount could change depending on the design and budget the architect comes up with.

“It’s looking like that number could change somewhat, but you never know about these things until it goes out to bid,” Reagan said.

Reagan said there is no timeline for a project start date.

“We are moving along. Of course, it never happens as fast as you would like to see it,” Reagan said. “Lord be our helper we are heading in the right direction.”

The current jail was built in the early 60’s and can only house 14-inmates.