Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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DeKalb School Board Accepting Land Proposals For New School

The DeKalb County Board of Education will accept land proposals for a new elementary school until the end of this month.

Director of Schools Patrick Cripps said property within city limits would be most convenient.

“We would like to keep our schools as close together as we can,” Cripps said. “There’s more utilities within the city. You’re not having to cut roads, sewer, electric, and things of that nature. It’s one thing we’ve put in that we’re looking for in the RFP.”

The board began accepting RFP’s earlier this month. The advertisement states that ideal land would be between 25-100 acres inside city limits or within five miles of the city.

“We’ve looked at a couple pieces of land but we’re hoping to be able to expand that to look at more pieces of property,” Cripps said. “Maybe there’s people that have land within the city. They can fill out this RFP and give us more options to look at and choose from.”

Landowners have until September 26 to submit proposals to the board of education. The new school building would replace Smithville Elementary.