Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Happening Now

Dekalb County Placed In AP District Honor Roll

Dekalb County joins Sevier County in being the only Tennessee districts to be placed in the 10th Annual AP District Honor Roll.

250 other school districts in the United States and Canada have also qualified for the Roll.

Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn says this took a lot of dedication.

“The efforts of Dekalb and Sevier counties exemplify what Best for All truly means,” Schwinn said. “Expanding AP access while increasing exam scores takes incredible commitment, and we commend the students, teachers, and leaders who worked so hard to achieve these results.”

To qualify for the 10th Annual Honor Roll, schools must show an increase in the number of students participating in AP courses since 2017 while increasing or maintaining the percentage of students earning AP Exam scores 3 or higher.

National data from 2019 shows that only half of underserved student groups who are ready for AP courses participated. The board plans to increase access to encourage more participation for all counties.

Senior Vice President of AP Trevor Packer said these courses provide more opportunities for students to get a college education.

“With more students participating and succeeding in AP…more students have the chance to earn early college credit. We are pleased to honor the teachers and administrators who cleared a path for more students of all backgrounds to advance through AP,” Packer said.

The entire 10th Annual AP District Roll can be found on their website.