Monday, May 29, 2023
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Dekalb County Mother Asks For Help Finding Daughter

Dekalb County Resident Darlene Grisham hopes parents across the Upper Cumberland can help her find her missing daughter.

16-year-old Hannah Marie Grisham disappeared from her Liberty home February 11. Law enforcement believe Grisham ran away.

“Every lead that we have had has come up dead,” Darlene Grisham said. “They have looked at her Facebook pages, her little Snapchat pages, everything. It is like my daughter has just vanished.”

Police interviewed family and friends in the days after Hannah’s disappearance.

“Nobody has a clue,” Darlene Grisham said. “She gave no signs to anyone that she was even thinking about leaving.”

Grisham stands 5-foot-2 and weighs about 125 pounds. Darlene Grisham said her daughter has dirty blond hair, but “loves to play with color” so her hair color could be different. Grisham has hazel eyes.

“I am tore all to pieces,” Darlene Grisham said. “I just want my baby girl home.”

If you have any information about Hannah Marie Grisham, please call the Dekalb County Central Dispatch at (615) 213-3000.