Monday, November 23, 2020
Happening Now

Deadline for Tennessee Promise Scholarship Approaching

Students have until November 1 to fill out their application to receive the Tennessee Promise Scholarship.

All students who are graduating in the 2020-2021 class are eligible for two years of tuition free education at a community college or technical college. Putnam County School’s 9-12 Curriculum Supervisor Dr. Sharon Anderson said even if students are planning on a four year college, it’s important to have options.

“We know that life changes can happen to all of us very quickly and if students have applied and gone through the process for Tennessee Promise, they can have that for a back up plan,” Anderson said. “If their original plan is to go to a four year institution and their plans change.”

Anderson said families still need to fill out their FAFSA form since the Tennessee Promise pays the remaining balance if other financial aid has been awarded. Once students have qualified, there are some requirements to stay eligible.

“One of the important components of this is that students have to attend some mandatory team meetings,” Anderson said. “They are assigned a community mentor to stay in touch with them throughout their senior year and even into the beginning of their first year at the community college or technical college.”

Students also need to complete eight hours of community service before the start of each term and maintain a 2.0 GPA in college. Anderson said passing these courses during the first two years will benefit students looking to move to a four year college.

“You can complete your general education courses at a community college if you choose,” Anderson said. “Then those hours will transfer to any TBRS or UT system school.”

A TBRS is a Tennessee Board of Regents School.

Anderson said this is a popular scholarship, with almost 90 percent of Monterey High School students applying. Upperman High School stands at 50 percent.

Anderson said students need to create a profile and begin their application at