Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Happening Now

Cummins Filtration Ramps Up Mask Production for Communities

Cummins Filtration is looking to ramp up its mask production that already exceeds 200,000 per day, world wide.

Cummins Filtration Chief Engineer Kevin South said making the mask filters in Cookeville is similar to making cotton candy. Which is then hit with an electric charge. Currently masks are being made for internal use, but South said giving masks to Cookeville is the next step in the next few months.

“The goal, the final goal is for Cummins to get with the community and see how it is best to be, how they can best help the community,” South said.

South said distributing has not been determined. However, South said the masks could possibly supply health care workers, depending on what Cookeville sees as the best use.

“It may be that they see that going to the hospitals may be the best way, or to EMS workers or something,” South said. “I just know their ultimate goal was how they can help communities out.”

Currently the full mask making process can take place between two sites. South said Cummins Filtration creates the media, or filters, and the masks are completed at a different site.

“We ship it to Indiana, and Indiana makes the mask portion, which is just basically putting the nose clip in and another layer on top,” South said. “That’s sent back to Cookeville or that’s sent to somewhere else.”

Smith said there are 3 sites, creating an estimated 80,000 masks per day, per site. Cummins Filtration began working on mask production in April.