Friday, December 2, 2022
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Cumberland Scenic Byway A Focus Next Year For UCDD Historic Planner

Promoting the Cumberland Historic Scenic Byway a focus for UCDD Historic Preservation Planner Mark Dudney.

The development district was recently awarded an annual grant to continue funding the position. With the roadway listed on the National Scenic Byway register, Dudney said preserving its history and promoting tourism will be a main project for the upcoming year.

“There is a real resurgence of interest in theses,” Dudney said. “I encourage anybody to find out more about them and do these road trips, visit the communities along the byways and learn about the history of the byways. there is so much cultural and natural history.”

The byway winds through Clay, Fentress, Overton and Pickett Counties. Dudney said all of the counties are considered economically distressed, so promotion of the byway could bring more tax dollars to the community.

Dudney said he plans to create a marketing scheme for the communities. The byway also goes through four counties in East Tennessee.