Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Cumberland Fair Wins Fair Of The Year From State Association

The Cumberland County Fair Association has won state fair of the year for the AAA Division.

Board Member Julie Thompson said the award shows that the association’s year-long work to plan the fair was recognized.

“You just have to have the support of everyone around you to put on a successful fair,” Thompson said. “It can’t be just one part. It has to be an assemblance of all of those parts, and we are very fortunate because that’s what we have.”

Thompson said the volunteers, vendors and exhibitors make Cumberland County’s fair special. Thompson said the work of these people bring fair goers which is a large part of the award.

“We have a great group of volunteers who every year come to help us and support us,” Thompson said. “Without those, it wouldn’t happen, because you can’t put it on with just a 15 member Board of Directors which we have.”

Thompson said the distinction means Cumberland County will be eligible for the, “Champion of Champions,” award next year. Thompson said they will compete against the winners of the other two divisions.

“We are very proud of our fair and the work that we put into it, so to be awarded the AAA Division Champion for 2021 was a real honor for us,” Thompson said. “As a fair board, it just gives us the distinction that our hard work was recolonized.”