Friday, November 22, 2019
Happening Now

Cumberland County SROs Awarded Contracts

The Crossville Police Department and Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department will continue providing School Resource Officers.

Director of Schools Janet Graham said the departments worked to prepare new contracts for the coming school year.

“We have worked with both law enforcement groups with our county and city. We, for the first time, have identical MoUs (memorandum of understandings),” Graham said. “So I have to put my hats off to both of those agencies for working so well with us.”

The agreements outline SRO duties such as developing plans and strategies to minimize dangerous situations and take proper action against intruders.

Board Member Robert Safdie said he was happy with the final contracts.

“This was incredibly plain, easy to understand, concise, it was one of the best contracts I have seen in years,” Safdie said. “That from my perspective I was able to understand. Congratulations to you all.”

The Cumberland County School Board approved the contracts during the June 27 meeting.