Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Happening Now

Cumberland County Responds to Report of Alleged Kidnapping

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office received reports of an alleged abduction yesterday around 1:26 pm at South Elementary.

Families had gathered at South Elementary for a Jr. Jets and Jr. Panthers football game.

A press release states that conflicting reports from minors said they saw a man grab a child and run into the wooded area behind the school. Officials suspended the game for the day.

Authorities began a search on the ground and a Tennessee Highway Patrol helicopter later joined.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Investigators interviewed several individuals that were present at the event. Investigators also reviewed the school surveillance video.

Law enforcement made several announcements for attendees to come forward if they knew of a missing child. No child was reported missing.

Law enforcement officers remained on the premises until everyone had left to ensure no child was missing.

According to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department, no credible evidence emerged to suggest an abduction had occurred or that any child was in danger.