Friday, April 3, 2020
Happening Now

Cumberland County Approves Renaming Highway After Vets

The Cumberland County Commission passed a resolution Tuesday to name part of Highway 68 after two veterans.

Lynne and Jesse Hayes were both killed in action during the Vietnam War.

Jesse Hayes’ grandson Adam Hayes said it’s an honor that people care so much about this.

“I think it’s a great idea. It’s been 51 years now since he’s been killed. I feel like in a way people forgot about him, other than his family, and I feel like it’s a good way that the sacrifice that he gave won’t be forgotten,” Hayes said.

The resolution will name part of Highway 68 to Grassy Cove in honor of the two. The resolution has gone to the state for final consideration.

Lynne Hayes died in 1967 in Binh Duong, Vietnam and buried in Grassy Cove Cemetery. Jesse Hayes died in 1969 in Pleiku Province, South Vietnam and buried in Mount Zion Cemetery.

Hayes said he spoke with several men who were there when Jesse died.

“My grandpa volunteered to walk point, that’s where you go ahead of everybody else to make sure it’s safe. The men I talked to said he always volunteered to do the stuff that no one else wanted to do and walking point was one nobody wanted to do because it was the most dangerous position. He saved his entire platoon,” Hayes said.

Both men are on the Vietnam Veteran’s Wall in the War Memorial in Crossville. Jesse was awarded the Bronze Star, Silver Star, and the Purple Heart.