Saturday, October 16, 2021
Happening Now

Cumberland Co. Commission Votes To Purchase Railroad Property

The Cumberland County Commission voted Monday to purchase property owned by the Norfolk Southern Railroad.

The property is currently occupied by the Art Circle Library. The railroad recently offered the county the opportunity to lease the property or to purchase it outright for $40,000.

County Mayor Kenneth Carey Jr. had previously told commissioners that the county could either purchase the property or take the issue to court.

Commissioners ultimately approved the $40,000 purchase last night with a unanimous vote.

The Norfolk Southern Railroad also claims it owns land that runs behind the Crossville Amphitheater.

Railroad officials have offered the city of Crossville the opportunity to purchase the land, but Mayor Pro-Tem J.H. Graham said he thinks the city already owns the land.

“It was my understanding that the county received that 100-foot-wide property free and clear years and years ago,” Graham said. “When we were talking about rail for trails that was one of the things that came up, that they donated that to the county.”

Graham has asked City Attorney Will Ridley to make a full title investigation into the matter.