Saturday, June 12, 2021
Happening Now

Cumberland And Fentress Co. Submit Land Proposal To Recruit Development

The Crossville Chamber of Commerce and Fentress County are working with UCDD in a regional economic development partnership.

Chamber President Ethan Hadley said the goal is to attract a business prospect to the Chamber’s Interchange Business Park and Fentress’s Clarkrange Business Park.

“Every now and then, there are opportunities to work regionally, and those are great, because the Upper Cumberland is a community,” Hadley said. “Site development consultants and companies look at regions as much as they look at communities.”

Hadley said Crossville has up to 45 acres available for development at the park adjacent to I-40. Hadley said the proposal created has been distributed, and entities look to start site visits with interested parties in the future.

“What we are looking for next for this project or any project is to find out that the information that we have provided has created sufficient interest on their end to explore more,” Hadley said. “I can’t give you a firm time line when we expect something to happen. I can just tell you that statewide the opportunities continue to pick back up.”