Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Happening Now

Crossville To Purchase New Fueling Terminal For Airport

Crossville City Council has voted to purchase a self-serve fueling terminal for the airport.

City Manager Greg Wood said the current fueling system does not accept chip cards, making it more difficult for aircraft to fuel up after hours.

“Periodically, we’ll have a Highway Patrol helicopter drop in at 3 O’clock in the morning,” Wood said. “Right now, if we’re going to give them gas we have to send somebody out to service this. That would alleviate that issue. It’s a vital component of what we need to keep this airport up and going. We’re trying to make improvements out there. It’s really a gateway to the community and we’re working hard to try to make it better. This is just part of the puzzle.”

Wood said the current fueling system has reached 20-years old and has experienced a number of issues.

“The company that made it and services it can no longer provide service or repairs to it,” Wood said.

Council voted Tuesday to spend $20,815 for the new self-service pod. Wood said the terminal will provide Avgas and jet fuel.