Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Happening Now

Crossville To Consider Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance

An ordinance for mobile food vendors may soon be coming to the City of Crossville.

City Manager Greg Wood said he began studying the idea after an issue arose over the 4th of July.

“We have Nick’s Italian Ice that provides concession services for our parks,” Wood said. “On Fourth of July, vendors showed up and started selling their wares in direct competition with him without having to have the investment that he does. He has to pay insurance and faces various other contract issues.”

Crossville City Council members discussed the ordinance during Tuesday’s work session. Wood said the proposal would be similar to mobile food vendor rules adopted by the City of Cookeville and Sparta.

“The big thing is, these vendors are operating on city property without the liability insurance that Nick’s has,” Wood said. “The other option is to leave it wide open, but Nick’s is likely not going to renew his vending contract at the parks because folks can come in and undercut him after he’s made all the investments.”

Crossville City Council has declined to place the ordinance on Tuesday’s agenda. They wanted more time to study the proposal.