Thursday, October 21, 2021
Happening Now

Crossville Subdivision Speed Limit Reduction Could Be New Standard

The Crossville City Council reduced the speed limit of the Crossroad Village Subdivision Tuesday.

Mayor James Mayberry said the speed limit for the newly built 60 home subdivision is now 25 mph.

“They’re fairly close together and fairly close to the road,” Mayberry said. “There are basketball goals down by the road and so on and so fourth. Speed limit in that neighborhood is 30 mph, which seems to be excessive to me in that tight quarters.”

Mayberry said the speed change will impact Premier Drive, Farmington Lane and Patrick Drive. Mayberry said 25 mph in residential areas could become the new standard as the street and police departments have recommended the review of other speeds.

“That will be coming up for all the others in the future,” Mayberry said. “But right now, this is in reference to Crossroad Village.”

In other business, discussion on downtown parking was tabled as the city attorney was not present. Taylor Square Properties owns two parking areas downtown. The company wants to lease the two parking lots to the city and allow after hours parking.

However, the city’s insurance company has advised against a lease agreement for parking The city attorney has advised the company to propose a lease which addresses all of the issues.