Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Happening Now

Crossville Seeking More Info Before Indoor Rec Center Property Negotiation

An update on Crossville’s Indoor Recreation Center plan was provided to the City Council on Tuesday night during a work session.

City Manager Greg Wood said one possible future location is behind the ice center. Wood said based on a six figure asking price per acre, the city needs to gather more info before negotiating a sale.

“I think it would be wise to get that environmental and an appraisal if that’s what you want to pursue,” Wood said. “So you have a better idea of the market value and can negotiate from at least some level of strength.”

Wood said the environmental portion involves a more in-depth determination of the location and extent of wetlands and streams in the area. Wood said the ballpark figure on the amount of space needed is 10 acres.

“We might want a couple more acres if we’re going to do an outdoor pool,” Wood said. “And then a few more acres if we’re going to do a water park.”

Based on the feasibility study done by Wold HFR Desgin, the construction costs of the conceptual plan would be $31 to $32 million dollars and 90,000 square feet. It was said Tuesday night that the Indoor Recreation Facility will be on the Crossville Work Session agenda in May.