Saturday, February 22, 2020
Happening Now

Crossville Holds Off On Vehicle For Medical Director

The Crossville City Council has delayed action on providing a vehicle for the city and county medical director to use.

Mayor James Mayberry said he wanted to hold off on the purchase until the city approves a new budget.

“I could see discussing this when we are looking at the fire department’s total overall budget in the upcoming budget season,” Mayberry said. “To me, this expenditure popping up in the middle of our fiscal year is just a bit much. We’ve gotten by for quite sometime without it and I don’t see the need to rush it at this juncture.”

The city had considered giving the medical director a used vehicle and purchasing a $47,000 Chevy Tahoe as a replacement for the Fire Department.

Dr. Mark Fox holds the position of Chief Medical Officer for the fire department and provides leadership and authorization of all first responder activities.

Fox had requested a vehicle with emergency lights and proper storage to transport medication to the scene of emergencies.

Councilman J.H. Graham said he appreciates the work provided by Fox, but wants to see if the county would be willing to help out with providing a vehicle for him to use.

“He did mention that he is the medical director of the county,” Graham said. “I do believe that the county and city would be better served if the county was informed of his request as well.”

Graham said he would like to see some sort of joint venture worked out in the future.