Sunday, May 24, 2020
Happening Now

Crossville Fire, HAZMAT Respond To Garrison Park Splash Pad

The Crossville Fire Department and HAZMAT units responded to a chemical reaction Thursday afternoon at Garrison Park.

Fire Chief Mike Turner said crews were called to the site of the park’s new splash pad.

“There was a small chemical reaction, an acid and an industrial cleaner that came into contact with each other,” Turner said. “It off-gassed and it created chlorine gas. We sent one city employee to the emergency room for precaution and the person’s been released. We’ve been on it most of the day.”

Emergency officials called in HEPACO of Knoxville to remove the hazardous materials.

Turner said nothing has leaked into the environment and the public is not in any harm due to the reaction.

Crossville delayed opening the park after state inspectors requested changes be made Tuesday.