Monday, May 27, 2019
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Crossville Council Votes to Form Airport Committee
Crossville City Council voted to form a seven-person airport committee to help oversee operations (File Photo)

Crossville Council Votes to Form Airport Committee

Crossville City Council voted Thursday to form a new airport committee during a special-called meeting.

Mayor James Mayberry said the committee will help oversee operations at the airport and provide additional expertise.

“It’s basically for oversight of the airport operations here in Crossville. The people that will be on the committee… there will be some instrument-rated pilots and commercial pilots,” Mayberry said. “[They are] people that are actually more familiar with the technical aspects of how our airport should be run, better qualified than the mayor or our City Council members, to basically improve the services of our airport and visitors that may be flying in.”

The committee will consist of seven members with up to four pilots, engineering and marketing representatives, and one member from the Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce.

Mayberry said the committee will be tasked with helping find ways to improve the airport.

“It’s kind of become a little bit dated, but we’ve got some of the best technology with the aircraft landing lights,” Mayberry said. “It just needs updates to the terminal and most of all the aspects, just to make it a more pleasing, desirable place to be plus potentially more events that are related to the airport. We’re the home of Trade-A-Plane, a publication that is world-known by pilots in reference to airplane parts, new planes, old planes, and it’s a full trade magazine.”

City Manager Greg Wood said Tuesday the committee would allow for more input regarding future uses for the airport.

“We did an airport survey of airport users and we also got some public input on it, and one thing that was almost universal was a desire to see more activities and businesses located at the airport,” Wood said. “To ask the manager to do that by himself is a daunting task and it also requires people with multiple talents.”

Councilman Scott Shanks voted in favor of creating the committee during Tuesday’s Council meeting.

“I for one think it’s a good idea,” Shanks said. “One thing we do have a wealth of in Crossville and Cumberland County is good volunteers which would be an asset, help us with the airport, and provide extra hands and extra eyes on things. I just think it’s a great idea.”

All committee members will be appointed by the mayor. Term limits will be set at five years excluding the first board, which will consist of staggered terms of three, four, and five years. Members will receive $15 per meeting attended not to exceed one meeting per month.