Monday, June 27, 2022
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Crossville Council Votes Against Expansion

Crossville City Council voted not to expand to seven members Tuesday night.

Councilman Danny Wyatt was the first to oppose the idea during open discussion.
“I would support putting it on a referendum and letting the people decide,” Wyatt said. “I don’t think that five people ought to appoint two more warm bodies. Let the people decide that.”

Councilman JH Graham said several of his constituents told him to oppose the decision prior to the meeting.

“They are concerned with changing the civility of the way this has happened,” Graham said. “They are pleased with the unification they have seen over the last few years, and have recommended to me that I do not vote to ratify this chapter.”

Councilman Scot Shanks originally favored expansion, but added his constituents say they believe the current structure shouldn’t change.

“Everyone who contacts me thinks we should stay at five,” Shanks said. “I don’t believe I’ve had anyone contact me thinking we should go to seven. So because of that, I’m not going to support that.”

The council was not able to make changes to the proposed decision to expand. The process is delayed until January at the earliest if a new proposal is submitted.

Mayor James Mayberry said approving expansion likely would have created two new at-large council members, while making current council members district representatives.

Councilwoman Pamela Harris was the only one who voted in favor of expanding.