Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Crossville Council To Negotiate Requests In City Manager’s Resignation

Requests in Crossville City Manager Greg Wood’s resignation letter will be a center point of discussion at a special called meeting Tuesday.

Mayor James Mayberry said when an employee resigns, they are due payment for remaining sick and vacation days. Mayberry said the council will negotiate those payments with Wood.

“They can get credit for the sick days that they accrued throughout the year but not through the full time of their previous employment,” Mayberry said. “It doesn’t go past the initial year that you are in presently. So he wants five years worth of sick leave, and it just doesn’t work that way.”

Mayberry said the council will also have to approve the time frame of the resignation. The meeting also serves as the first step of the search process to replace Wood.

“There are certain requests involved in that letter of resignation, and the council will have to approve or negotiate those,” Mayberry said. “There were requests involved in that letter of resignation that go above and beyond previous employee’s terms of separation.”

These issues will be decided by the city council at 1:30 p.m. Wood submitted a letter of resignation effective August 31st last week. It followed procedural issues and an investigation into the closing of the Village Inn.