Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

Crossville Council Approves First Reading Of Alcohol Ordinance

The Crossville City Council passed an ordinance on first reading that would allow alcohol to be served on city property.

Mayor James Mayberry said the permit-based process would operate through the city’s Beer Board.

“We’re getting a lot of activity downtown at our amphitheater, concert series and so on and so fourth putting requests to serve alcohol,” Mayberry said. “We have approved that with the restrictions that they have a licensed bartender, and they would also have to have event insurance.”

Mayberry said he sees the opportunity as an important factor to have a vibrant downtown. Mayberry said at the same time, alcohol consumption would help draw younger visitors.

“That’s part of what it’s all about,” Mayberry said. “A vibrant downtown is critical to the life of the community and these events. We have car shows the fourth Saturday of every month and we’re going to have Thursday nights at the Amps we call it which is a concert series and will be very well attended.”

Mayberry said businesses, private individuals or event hosts would be able to apply for permits. Mayberry said with a few special called meetings planned, he thinks the ordinance could be fully adopted in about a months time.