Thursday, October 21, 2021
Happening Now

CRMC Creates Video Series Highlighting Hospital’s Services

Cookeville Regional will tell its story through a new series of videos designed to celebrate the local role the medical center plays.

CEO Paul Korth said the videos are important to keep the community up to date on what the hospital does.

“Technology and what our medical staff does here changes so rapidly,” Korth said. “We’re constantly fighting behind that battle of getting that information out because we are very advanced and our physicians an extreme amount of services here at the medical center.”

One video will be used for recruiting. Others will focus on the medical center’s heart center and orthopedic care. A fourth video on robotics will be completed soon.

“That’s some of the new technology that’s being used for both physician recruiting and also employee recruitment,” Korth said. “It’s been very, very effective in the past to start doing those so it’s something we’re excited about adding.”

The Board of Trustees got the chance to preview the videos which focus on the services offered, the technology, and the local resources that are reinvested at Cookeville Regional. Chief Strategy Officer Ricky Shelton said the videos involved multiple hours of pre-planning, storyboarding, and video work.

“Like Mr. Shelton mentioned there were many hours of us sitting down and strategizing and talking about what we really wanted to talk about,” Korth said. “And how we wanted the message to get through to the individuals.”

The videos will be used on social media and statewide mass media.

Korth said the videos have been a collaborative effort with the board in trying make sure they get their message right.