Saturday, March 28, 2020
Happening Now

Corby King Named Interim Director Of Schools

The Putnam County Board of Education has appointed Corby King as Interim Director of Schools.

The decision came a day after Jerry Boyd resigned from his Director of Schools position. King said he’s excited about the opportunity to continue the work within the school system.

“I appreciate the trust the board is putting in me to lead,” King said. “This has been a shocking couple of days for our school system, our teachers, administrators, and our students. I’m excited about the opportunity to keep things level and continue the work. Our job is to keep the focus on the students, and to support the teachers that serve with those students.”

The board of education appointed King to the position during a special-called meeting Wednesday. They also accepted Boyd’s resignation and made it effective January 21.

Board Chairman Dawn Fry said discussions about a search for a permanent director of schools will take place at a later time.

“We do thank Mr. Boyd for his service to this county and everything he has done and put in place,” Fry said. “We appreciate his service very much.”

King said he does plan to apply for the position once the board votes to advertise it.

“We’ve still go to work out the details for when that search will take place and how it’s going to go,” King said. “I’ve been working for a long time in my career towards being a district leader, so I’ve envisioned applying for this position at some point, just not this suddenly.”

King has spent the past two years serving as Deputy Director of the Putnam County School System.