Thursday, May 28, 2020
Happening Now

Cookeville To Use Red Dirt At West Jackson Brush Site

Cookeville has decided to use a large pile of red dirt at the site of the city’s new police headquarters.

City Manager James Mills said the city previously requested bids for having the pile of soil removed.

“We only received one proposal and it was in excess of $20,0000,” Mills said. “What also has changed is that we now have more time than we thought and we can use the dirt ourselves. Public Works is going to move the dirt over to expand to West Jackson brush site. It didn’t make sense to waist all that red dirt, so we rejected that one proposal we got.”

The dirt needs to be moved before ground work for the new police headquarters begins later this year. The 39,618-square-foot police station will be located at Neal Street and Old Walton Road.