Thursday, May 28, 2020
Happening Now

Cookeville To Purchase New Police Vehicles

The City of Cookeville will spend $268,248 for eight new patrol vehicles.

Police Chief Randy Evans said the city will purchase the vehicles through a statewide contract awarded to a dealership in Murfreesboro.

“We originally solicited bids for patrol cars back in July and we only received one bid. That was for Cumberland Chrysler and that vehicle did not meet specifications,” Evans said. “Essentially, what we did was waited for the statewide contract. The statewide contract was awarded the first of October and what we’re going to recommend is the 2020 Ford Explorer.”

Cookeville City Council unanimously approved the purchasing bid during Thursday night’s meeting. Councilman Mark Miller thanked Evans for sticking with the statewide contract and moving to a different type of vehicle.

“I’m glad that you’re staying with the same platform of vehicles,” Miller said. “When you start going to Dodges you’ve got to get different equipment. That just saved money in the long run for us.”

The city previously budgeted for the total cost of the vehicles.