Friday, December 6, 2019
Happening Now

Cookeville to Provide Employees With Wellness Screening Program

The City of Cookeville has entered into an agreement with Cookeville Regional Medical Center to offer a wellness screening program this September.

Vice Mayor Laurin Wheaton commended the city for offering the yearly program to its employees.

“I do want to just say that this is a wonderful benefit for employees,” Wheaton said. “I love that we offer this. I hope everyone utilizes it. Last year it was very efficient, very fast, and coming from someone who is in healthcare, that is not how things normally go. So it’s wonderful we have this process and I’m glad we do this.”

Cookeville City Council unanimously approved the new agreement during Thursday’s meeting.

According to the agreement, city employees will be eligible to receive pulse, BMI, and blood pressure screenings through the program. Other services that will come at some expense range from $15 to $230 and include flu and shingles vaccines, digital 3D mammograms, and vascular screenings.

City employees and their spouses are eligible to participate in the screening program. According to the agreement, the services are only to serve as a health screening and are not to be considered diagnostic.

Cookeville’s Human Resources Director Gail Fowler reported during Monday’s work session that the program would go into effect Sep. 24-26.