Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Happening Now

Cookeville To Enforce New West Broad Parking Provision Monday

The City of Cookeville took action Friday morning to address a parking problem along a portion of West Broad Street.

City Manager James Mills said the effort should keep large vehicles from extending out into the travel lanes.

The City of Cookeville added new striping to help enforce new parking provisions along West Broad Street between Cedar and Walnut Avenue.

“Last year, the council adopted some new parking provisions for the city. That ordinance defined travel lane width, which must remain unobstructed to carry vehicle traffic. It also set limits for length of vehicles when using angled parking spaces,” Mills said. “With those new provisions, city staff began looking at the area along West Broad Street between Cedar and Walnut. It’s recommended that we place those restrictions on those angled parking spaces.”

Crews installed new signage and striping along the roadway between Cedar and Walnut Friday morning. Mills said drivers should be able to tell if they can or cannot park a vehicle without obstructing the travel lanes.

“Before we did that, we mailed out to all the merchants and property owners along West Broad. We wanted to make sure they had an opportunity to comment,” Mills said. “All the comments we got back were in favor.”

The Cookeville Police Department will begin enforcing the new parking restrictions on Monday. Mills said drivers face a $10 fine for the first violation and higher amounts for multiple infractions.