Friday, January 21, 2022
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Cookeville To Consider Awarding Bids For Cane Creek Culvert Project

Cookeville City Council will consider awarding bids for the Cane Creek Culvert Widening Project during its Thursday night meeting.

Leisure Services Director Rick Woods said that the lowest of three bids came from Mack Construction at $85,400. He said that the work will be to widen the bridge on the north side of the lake.

“This allows us to create a wider bridge or a wider crossing of the tributary into Cane Creek,” Woods said. “There are five pies there now, five plastic and one metal that we will be extending to get trucks across there.”

Woods said that in addition to fixing the bridge, this will aid in saving the north shoreline of the trail from eroding. He said that it would lessen the amount of time and improve the access to the shoreline.

City Manager James Mills said that this would be the first step in getting repairs done for the shoreline. Woods said that with the pavement on the side deteriorating as well, this will allow them to go back and fix the whole area.

“The paving is not included in this aspect because we’ll be driving trucks across there to do the north shoreline repair and we’re going to repave it all once we get the shoreline repair done,” Woods said. “So we’ll just create the road and the access to it and then go back and repave all of that at one time.”

Woods has said repairing the shoreline would be key in the popular Cane Creek Park.