Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Happening Now

Cookeville Taking Proposals For Second City Hall Drive Thru

Cookeville is accepting bid proposals to add a second drive thru lane at city hall due to long lines.

City Manager James Mills said he expects the budget for this project to be under $20,000. Mills said he believes the second lane can be added under the current canopy based on the existing space.

“During high volume days we typically have people backing out and waiting in Broad Street,” Mills said. “Queuing to get in through the drive thru, even before the pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, we’ve of course been encouraging people to use the drive thru as an alternative instead of coming inside the building.”

Mills said the project could be a joint effort between the bid winner and city workers depending on the request for proposal. Mills said the hope is to have the second drive thru lane completed by the end of Summer.

“It will basically involve some concrete curbing,” Mills said. “Then the actual equipment for the piping that will send the payments into the existing area for payment.”

Cookeville will be accepting proposals for this project until February 25.