Sunday, February 23, 2020
Happening Now

Cookeville Rescue Mission Opens Additional Warming Shelter

The Cookeville Rescue Mission will open a temporary warming shelter as it deals with an influx of people looking to escape the cold weather.

Executive Director Bruce Bailey said the mission has hit max capacity with it’s bed spaces.

“We were maxed out on our normal bed space and then we had nine additional people come in,” Bailey said, “so we had to have them sleep on mats on the floor. Right now, we are securing cots so we can open up a warming shelter for the incoming wintry weather.”

Bailey said the temporary shelter will be located at a building adjacent to the mission’s South Jefferson Avenue location.

“We just secured the building from a very good man who wants to help us,” Bailey said. “It’s the old Johnstone supply building, which is just one building South of the mission.”

The vacant building has heat, restroom facilities, and running water.

Bailey encourages folks to make donations to the mission as cold spells tend to put a strain on resources.

“Cash contributions always help us,” Bailey said. “Food donations are great too, but it doesn’t help us buy these emergency supplies that we need.”

The National Weather Service forecast predicts a rain-snow mix is likely Wednesday night with temperatures dipping below 25 degrees through early Saturday morning.

Bailey said the mission averages between 50 and 55 people a day.