Monday, October 2, 2023
Happening Now

Cookeville Regional CEO Paul Korth Gets Positive Evaluation

Cookeville Regional Medical Center CEO Paul Korth received high marks on his annual performance review.

Attorney Dan Rader was asked by the board to conduct the confidential evaluation. He said Korth’s evaluation was “very good, if not excellent.”

“And I think everybody knows what a tumultuous year we’ve had in the healthcare field and in particular Cookeville with a lot of the issues that have been raised,” Rader said. “And the total composite score out of 5 was a 4.26. So I think that’s a very good evaluation.”

Board members were asked to rate Korth on 54 different categories. Rader said each category was relative to the hospital and the procedures of the hospital.

Korth scored the highest in personal qualities, judgment and sensitivity, and knowledge and skills of his job.

“And that was the consensus of each board member confidentially,” Rader said. “So I think it is an accurate reflection of the respect that everybody has for the job Mr. Korth has done here as the CEO of the hospital.”

In other business, the board also approved the purchase of some property located at N. Cedar Avenue. Korth said the property will be used for parking.

Board members also welcomed a new board member, Alma Anderson.