Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic Seeing Effects Locally Of National Baby Formula Shortage

The Upper Cumberland seeing the impact of the national baby formula shortage.

Lisa Reeves is the Director of THRIVE Parent Education at the Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic. She said that the clinic is receiving more and more calls outside of their usual clients.

“Right now outside of our regular clients, we’re having people just calling, people walking in the door,” Reeves said. “Saying, ‘This is the kind of formula I use, I can’t find it at Walmart, or at CVS, or at Food City. Do you have it?’ And of course, we’re trying to meet as many of those needs as we can, but it is an unusual amount for us.”

Reeves said that she doesn’t know exactly how it came to this point. She said that what she does know, is that there are many local families who are scrambling to find what they need for their infants.

Reeves said that if you are a parent struggling to find formula contact your local pediatrician. She said that they can instruct you on how to best find formula alternatives or solutions to any issues.

“Of course, I know a lot of people are just asking family and friends to keep an eye out at different stores,” Reeves said. “And then we also have a small supply and we’re glad to try to help meet whatever needs that we can with those that we come into contact with.”

Reeves said that the clinic offers a program to those who are pregnant or have a child under one year to aid in pregnancy and infant education. She said that covers everything from healthy pregnancy to infant development to infant hygiene.

Reeves said that those who attend sessions and watch educational videos can qualify for “thrive dollars,” which can then be exchanged for diapers, wipes, baby clothes, or other needs. She said that those interested can contact the clinic at (931) 526-5525