Saturday, September 18, 2021
Happening Now

Cookeville Planning Revising Zoning Codes To Comply With New State Law

The Cookeville Planning Commission has approved changes to city zoning codes that removes most uses of the word, “prohibited.”

The ordinance was needed to comply with a recently passed state law. The legislation does not allow banning construction materials that are approved by national building codes or the state fire marshal.

City Planning Director Jon Ward said the materials previously prohibited now move to the acceptable list but can still only be used if approved by the Cookeville Architectural Design Review Board.

“That board has not been very active of late,” Ward said. “This new legislation, we may see appeals now for the process will be administering architect design review standards.”

The five member board consists of one architect, two local business owners and two planning commission members. Jim Cobb and Jim Woodford volunteered to fill the commission’s seats on Monday.

“Architecture design requirements are included in section 208 of the Cookeville Zoning Codes,” Ward said. “These standards were adopted with the intent to protect and increase the values of buildings and properties, to maintain and enhance the image and character of the community and to ensure consistent high quality of the city.”

The banned materials that moved included metal sidings, panels and painted aluminum or concrete blocks on the sides or backs of buildings that match the front of the building. Ward said the changes and board appointments will need to be passed by the City Council to be implemented.