Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Cookeville Looking At Zoning Changes For Dumpster Gate Requirements

Cookeville City Council considering changes to zoning code requirements for dumpster gates.

Community Development Director Jon Ward said there have been persistent problems with the gates for the Public Work Department’s efficiency in garbage collecting.

“I mean the guys having to get off the trucks to open the gates, they’re left open when they leave,” Ward said. “The gates are often damaged by wind or something afterward, the trash trucks damage them.”

Ward said this also come as a request from developers. He said developers typically bear the costs of replacing the gates when they are damaged.

Ward said the planning commission feels as though some form of screening is necessary if the dumpster is visible from the road. He said the proposed solution is to require a three-sided screen without a gate.

“So as long as one of the three sides is blocking the street view, I think it’s acceptable to provide that as an option,” Ward said. “We’re not saying that you don’t have to do it but just allow some flexibility there.”

Ward said in future developments if the dumpster is not visible from the street they may not require a gate at all. He said the zoning change would also allow current dumpster gates to be removed if it meets requirements.

City Manager James Mills said the gate can cause significant delays for Public Works employees, especially when working in inclement weather like snow or storms.