Friday, December 6, 2019
Happening Now

Cookeville, HFR Design To Update Dogwood Park Master Plan

The City of Cookeville will work with HFR Design in updating the master plan for Dogwood Park.

City Councilman Charles Womack said Thursday the success of HFR’s work on the new skate park gives him high hopes for the new master plan.

“The skateboard park is fairly successful right now. I’ve been driving by at random times in the the last two or three weeks,” Womack said, “and there’s always at least three or four people there skateboarding or on their scooter or their mountain bikes… so it seems to be somewhat successful. I’m looking forward for something happening at Dogwood Park to make it more successful.”

Leisure Services Director Rick Woods said during Monday’s work session the update would include plans for the park’s property along 1st Street.

“This would help us get through that process, get community input, and find out the best way to go there,” Woods said, “the highest and best use of that property that’s consistent with the look and the feel of Dogwood Park.”

Council unanimously voted to allow City Manager James Mills enter into an agreement with HFR Design and begin the process.

According to Woods, the agreement with HFR Design will not exceed $15,000 including reimbursable expenses. The city will use remaining funds from a 2013 bond issue which must be specifically used for Dogwood Park projects.