Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Happening Now

Cookeville Curbside Recycling Pilot Project To Start Later This Month

Cookeville’s three month curbside recycling pilot project will begin the Thursday after Christmas in the Windrowe subdivision.

City Planning Director James Mills said the recyclables collected will be weighed to determine the impact it has on the landfill and city officials will later decide if they eventually want to provide the service city-wide.

“This will be no charge to the residents in the area and we will provide them with cans that the city will pick up. We will most likely pick up every two weeks for a couple of months,” Mills said. “We wanted to do this to see how well it works before we decide and make a decision about going city-wide. This is a very popular service, based on city-wide surveys we have done in the past.”

Mills said the recycling bins should be arriving to the Windrow subdivision residents by December 14th.