Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Happening Now

Cookeville Completes Surface Work At Heart Of The City Playground

Cookeville’s Heart of the City playground will reopen Friday after being closed for surface repairs.

Leisure Services Director Rick Woods said the in-house patch work will keep children safe and make the playground look better.

“We had some areas that had fallen out and collapsed beneath the surface that created some potential trip hazards,” Woods said. “We also had some separations just from wear and tear.”

Woods said the material used for patching is consistent with the current surface. Woods said playground users will be able to notice where the new surface was poured since it will have a brighter color.

“There was probably 15 or 20 individual places,” Woods said. “Some of them very small. No individual spots was more then three or four feet. That is the largest area that we’ve done.”

Woods said the improvements go along with the city’s goal to keep the area attuned. Woods said new restroom facilities and shade structures were installed earlier this year.

Woods said at this time, no other work is scheduled for the playground.