Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Happening Now

Cookeville BZA To Consider Variances For Speedway On Jefferson Ave.

The process to build a Speedway on Cookeville’s Jefferson Avenue set to continue.

Cookeville’s Board of Zoning Appeals will consider a variance request at its Thursday night meeting that will allow developers to continue work. Planning Director Jon Ward:

“A variance request has a 12-month period, you either have to obtain your building permit to move forward with construction or the variance is void,” Ward said. “So they have submitted a request to reapprove what they had requested.”

Ward said the site plans were all pre-approved with those same variances in mind 12 months ago. He said once the BZA approves the variances, it is up to Speedway to move forward with the project and complete the work.

The variances include the grading for parking and the widths of the driveways.