Friday, August 12, 2022
Happening Now

Competitive Pools Among Top Requests At Cookeville’s Tuesday Public Meeting

Competitive swimming facilities among the top priorities of Cookeville residents during a Tuesday night public meeting.

Community members had the opportunity to vote on features for the facility such as indoor vs. outdoor, lazy rivers, and hot tubs among others.

Aquatics Facility Steering Committee Member Laurie Smith said residents asked about both indoor and outdoor competitive pools.

“Lane pools that would be at least 25 meters, not yards, because in order to swim in competition it’s all done in meters,” Smith said. “But that can also double as a leisure pool. There’s not going to be swim team practice all the time, so it would kind of be like what we have at the Y now, only larger.”

Many residents were just happy to finally have tangible options for the possibilities of the facility. Mike Farley said that he’s excited about the options for adults, kids, and the community as a whole.

“I’m liking the idea of an outdoor facility,” Farley said. “Just the elements that kids would like, the lazy rivers, the slides, and stuff for the elements. That would make it a good regional draw I think, something that would be good for the economy.”

Some community members made the forum a family affair. Rebecca Gernt said she and her two young daughters were able to vote on what they’d like to see as a feature.

“As an adult, maybe the lazy river ride,” Gernt said. “Going to big water parks in Florida on vacation as a child, I remember those being super fun. For them, probably the slides, the leisure pools. One of my children is very excited about an obstacle course, it’s all really great.”

Gernt said that whatever happens, she’s just excited to see this long-awaited project come to fruition. Farley said that he’s glad to see the city getting the feedback, and that he hopes it’s just a step closer to the plans becoming a reality.