Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Cookeville Aiming For End Of Summer Opening Of Dogwood Park Fountain

Cookeville’s Dogwood Park Fountain remains in need of repairs as the city waits for parts to become available.

Leisure Services Director Rick Woods said a time line of completion is unknown, but the goal remains getting the fountain open by summer’s end.

“They’re behind, and we still don’t have a completed fountain yet,” Woods said. “I know that is frustrating for many people. It’s frustrating for us, as well. We would love to have it up and fully functional, but we hope that will happen soon.”

Woods said custom control components are needed to move forward. Woods said the control panel operates the interactive deck jets and lights, which have been out of commission since April.

“The goal was to get it at full capacity at the beginning of the summer,” Woods said. “But again, we’ve been held up for a variety of reasons. We’re waiting for the contractor that has done some partial repairs, but we’re waiting for them to be able to get all the components in.”

Woods said once the contractor receives the gear, the machine will be designed and then installed. Woods said the total price tag comes in at about $63,000.

SiteWorks LLC, based in Nashville, was awarded the bid to do the repair work. Roman Fountains in Atlanta is designing the project.