Friday, October 7, 2022
Happening Now

Contractors to Evaluate Baxter Amphitheater Project

The City of Baxter has hired two contractors to help estimate costs of its proposed amphitheater project.

Mayor John Martin said the decision came after input from the engineer and architect helping make the new park a reality.

“They feel like we need to get a general contractor to give some ideas on what the estimated cost is going to be on the amphitheater,” Martin said. “What they’re afraid of now is, as busy as it is, if we put it out to bid, they feel like things are going to come back [roughly] $200,000 and so you’re sitting there wasting your time.”

Martin said in the meantime, some additional work will have to take place in order to prep the area for the impending construction.

“There’s one tree where we’re going to put our arch that’s got to come down,” Martin said. “We’re not out to cut trees, but this is one instance we’ve got to do that because… the sidewalk is going to be tying in to the other part of the park.”

The city will hold off on bidding out the project until the two contractors come back with a price.